About Us

APi Racing was founded by Wei Kewei in 2011. Though a local Singaporean branding, the brand is as a form of tribute to his counterparts, factories and friends who have provided him the necessary support, knowledge and technical specifications.

Affectionately known as “Ah Boy” by his customers and counterparts, his love for performance cars begins as early as school days. Brought up in a family dealing in the automotive business and specializing in performance cars, he is always fascinated by automotive modifications. Upon graduation, Ah Boy started his ‘part time’ stinct at his family’s garage – BMS Motorsports Pte Ltd.

Upon completing his hospital bond, he left the Therapist job and became a ‘Full Time’ at BMS Motorsports Pte Ltd. Aspiring to start his own business and products branding, Ah Boy started flying around with his friend to source for more profound technical specifications and reliable factories. After a few months of flying, studies and researches, his efforts paid off. With the support of his family’s (Dad and Uncle) vast experiences and knowledge under their bags, Ah Boy finally started APi Racing Asia Pacific.

APi Racing Asia Pacific is now a renowned brand locally. The products have gained rapid recognition and popularity, thus becoming one of the best-selling brands in Singapore. Using the Facebook to showcase and display his products and sales, he has further proven the worth of his products to customers and buyers.

With constant R&D and also BMS Motorsports Pte Ltd as the current technical platform, it is no doubt that APi Racing will continue to strive to produce more amazing products.

*Note: Please add us ‘BMS Motorsports Pte Ltd’ and ‘APi Racing’ in Facebook to view more details and photos.