API Racing TYPE RS Coilovers
(Hardened Rubber Topmount) & Type RS-R (Pillowball Camberplate Topmount) Coilovers:

Featuring separate rebound damping adjustment, this super-super grade suspension is marketed as the API Racing Type RS / Type RS-R. The Racing Type RS / Type RS-R are manufactured with the highest quality under the strictest QC control. Their super unique features are rarely found on many other aftermarket brands and now, The Racing Type RS / Type RS-R have the abilities to allow the end users to adjust the rebound damping rates and height adjustment accordingly to their individual preferences. The Racing Type RS / Type RS-R are a wonderful masterpieces from our engineers and are designed for street performance with amounts of comfort level.


  Aluminium Top plates   Hardened Rubber Topmount (Type RS)
  Monotube with AVCS   Pillowball Camberplate Topmount (Type RS-R)
  Full Damping Adjust (40 Way)   1 year Unlimited Warranty
  Full Height Adjust (Front & Rear)   Available for Most Cars/Models
The Type RS feature a 40 way damping adjustment for both rebound and compression respectively. By using the single adjuster for simplicity and ease of use, it allows you to tune the vehicle to meet your requirements.
API Racing damper chambers are constructed with double butted wall with a monotube, twin piston design. API Racing's unique Active Valve System (AVCS) works flawlessly with all its pistons, disc valves, piston rods etc to push the Racing Type RS / Type RS-R towards its optimum handling and performance over most other aftermarket brands Though high quality oil already goes a long way to help reduce this problem, API Racing engineers took a step further and we only the dampers with nitrogen. The nitrogen exerts a pressure on a floating piston which in turn exerts a permanent pressure on the oil dramatically reducing aeration and so improving the consistency and quality of the damping. Besides that, it also adds an additional element of effective spring rate to the damper.
The lower mounts are black chromed steel to deliver superb durability. The aluminium components (top mount, locking collars etc) are anodised. The steel mounts go through an electrophoretic disposition process followed by power coating. We runs random selections of steel components (brackets, dampers, screws etc) and put them through a salt sprays bi-monthly to ensure anti corrosive properties are kept at highest standards.
The springs of Type RS are made from space-grade SAE9254 high strength durable coild wound chromium alloy steel. The springs are put under stringent tests of over 550, 000 cycles before the final assembly with less than 3% deform rates!
The Type RS come standard with hardened bush upper mounts (anodised and bead blasted). They are made from aluminium alloy and of high quality and durability.
The Type RS-R come standard with pillow ball upper mounts (anodised and bead blasted), is made from aluminium alloy and of high quality and durability. The camber adjustable aluminium pillow ball top mounts allows the end user to adjust camber without having to add camber kits. This feature allows camber to be set accordingly to your needs.
API Racing utilise an innovative and patented designed lower locking collar with a bevelled edge that seats into a corresponding bevel in the suspension's bottom mount. This vastly increases the surface area that the locking collar works on and so prevents the dangerous problem of the locking collars working loose. All of our locking collars are made of high tensile, space grade T7075 Aluminium anodised in matt black.
API Racing's Warranty is a "One Year No-Quibble Exchange Program", that means, if there is any issues with your shocks within the warranty period, we will replace any faulty parts or absorbers on the spot. For Singapore consumers, this means ZERO downtime compared to most major Japanese and German brands which you have to send back to their factories for replacement or service. API is well represented in Singapore by BMS Motorsports and has the full lab facilities to overhaul and service all API Racing Suspension during the long run. And the best part is all labour will be covered within the warranty period! So buy API products with full confidence!